Build web apps quickly

Create web app backends without writing a single line of code with BackendLab

Prototype your apps without code

With BackendLab, you can create and host a web app backend with a PostgreSQL database, user authentication and permissions, and a REST API in a matter of minutes wihout writing a single line of code.

No vendor lock in

BackendLab lets you export your apps as a scaffolded Django project, and continue building your apps beyond the prototyping phase

Get started quickly

With it's simple interface, BackendLab lets you create a fully-feature and ready to use web app backend in as little as 10 minutes

Managed infrastructure

BackendLab provides secure hosting for your apps with AWS. Take the hassle out of provisioning servers for your prototypes

See what you can build

See how to make a microblogging app with BackendLab with user authentication


BackendLab in more detail

Auto generated methods for your data models
Relational data structure
Support for ForeignKey and ManyToMany fields
Field validation
Get BackendLab to validate your input data
Customizable user models
Extend and connect to the built-in system user objects
Object permissions
Limit access to each data model to specific user groups
PostgreSQL database
Securely hosted in Amazon RDS
Extend your APIs further by implementing webhooks
Backed by Kubernetes and Amazon web services
App exports
Export your apps as a Django project for further development


Scalable plans to suit anyone - increase/decrease your request limit at any time

£ 0
per month
1 App

500 API requests/month

No app exports

£ 5
per month
Unlimited Apps

10,000 API requests/month

App exports

£ 240
per year
Unlimited Apps

50,000 API requests

App exports

Best value

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